Dining out in Varengeville, Dieppe and their environs is a great treat. There's a plethora of excellent seafood, and because the countryside produces apples, cider, calvados, cheese, butter and cream, there are regional recipes you'll surely want to taste. Look out too for the famous cafés in Dieppe.

In the kitchen you'll find a glass bowl with cards for a wide variety of eateriesPlease add to this if you come across somewhere that appeals to you.

In particular, we recommend L'Aquilon at Pourville-sur-Mer, where you'll be fed very well, in a friendly atmosphere, at a reasonable price - with free parking and proximity to the beach as bonuses.

Then there's the Auberge du Relais, in the village - a good meal and the advantage of being within walking distance.

We also love Tristan and Corinne's lunchtime "Petites Folies" in Dieppe at Les Voiles d'Or - up on the clifftop by Notre Dame de Bonsecours. 

If you go for the day, you might also be tempted by restaurants in Rouen.